Worker’s Compensation Insurance Provided to Businesses

Brookhurst Insurance offers worker’s compensation insurance to businesses, small and large, across California and the United States. Our insurance brokerage is located in the heart of Encino, California.

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Workers Compensation Insurance for Businesses, Small and Large.

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Insurance Allows You To Take Control Over Accidents

All businesses know, or should know, that accidents often occur on the job unexpectedly. As humans, we’re prone to error. Unfortunately, many of these errors may result in your business being held liable to compensate your worker for any damages incurred. Businesses do not have control over the accidents faced on the job, but insurance gives you a level of control over the resulting risks.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance for Businesses most often covers:

  • Work-related illness and injury
  • Employee medical expenses and wages lost from injury
  • Employer’s liability insurance protecting you from lawsuits by your own employees
  • Mandates initiated by certain states

Most States Require Worker’s Compensation Insurance

If your business is not currently covered, then we strongly recommend that you speak with one of our representatives in order to find out whether or not your state requires worker’s compensation coverage.

Whether your state requires worker’s compensation insurance or not, it is highly advisable to insure your business today as accidents frequently happen on the job, especially in certain industries such as manufacturing.

Make Sure You’re Properly Covered Today!

Our experienced agents would be happy to discuss customized plans & pricing with you in order to get your business insured properly. This can help provide some peace of mind to conduct and facilitate the conduct of normal day-to-day operations, without the need to worry about accidents beyond your control.

To speak with one of our worker’s compensation insurance agents, please call our office @818.465.7860 or simply fill out our online contact form and we will respond promptly.

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