Brookhurst Insurance offers comprehensive workers’ compensation insurance coverage that protects your employees and your manufacturing business. This includes workers compensation for manufacturing companies, machine shops, industrial manufacturing, chemical manufacturing, fabrication, consumer goods manufacturing, food manufacturing and more.

Why You Need Workers Compensation for Manufacturing Companies

Discover why you need workers compensation insurance as a business owner for your employees.

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Workers’ compensation insurance is an essential expense for any manufacturer or manufacturing company. However, many employers need manufacturing workers compensation for many reasons.

It‘s a State Mandate

The primary reason for employers to provide workers’ compensation for manufacturing and other employees is because it is required by law and mandated by the state. Failing to take this insurance policy can result in heavy penalties being imposed on you by state and even closure of business.

Protects the Business

You need workers compensation for manufacturing company and other employees in order to protect your business. The manufacturing industry is ripe with accidents and injuries which may result in your business being held liable for any damage, illness or injuries suffered at work. Workers’ compensation manufacturing insurance protects your business from lawsuits from injured employees, medical expenses and lost wages due to injuries suffered at work as well as work-related illnesses and injuries.

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It’s a Contract

Workers’ compensation insurance for manufacturing is also a contract. This means you need workers compensation insurance for the vitality of your business. Workers’ compensation helps to assure you that you won’t lose all your assets in one accident.

Peace of Mind

Workers compensation helps to give you peace of mind. This is because at any given time an employee can fall ill, hurt or kill himself at work bring an onslaught of medical expenses, time away from work, death benefits which could drain your energy and resources. With worker’s compensation, you can focus on running your business instead of worrying about protecting that business.

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