Before you can start delivering for Amazon Prime, there are a few requirements that you need to meet with regard to driver training, vehicle capacity or volume, and insurance. With regard to insurance, the requirements are similar to those of businesses that provide on-demand transportation - such as logistics, courier, and even trucking.

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The basic insurance requirements include:

  • Business or general liability - This provides coverage up to $1,000,000 per occurrence or $2,000,000 aggregate
  • Commercial auto insurance - This is the most basic coverage for the most common accidents that may result in bodily or personal injury, damage to your property, damage to another party’s property, and even wrongful death, up to $1,000,000. In some cases, it can also cover cargo in transit.
  • Workers’ compensation - In the event that your employees are injured while working, like when loading or unloading cargo, this cover will cater for hospital expenses and lost wages so you don’t have to pay out-of-pocket, up to $1,000,000. It is also mandatory in most states.
  • Cargo liability - This insurance is necessary to protect you from sticky situations, where the cargo is lost, stolen, damaged, or delivered late. These events are inevitable in the delivery business, so you should protect yourself sufficiently to avoid costly claims. The requirement is $25,000 or higher for Amazon Fresh.

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Although Amazon’s delivery requirements apply nationwide, there could be a few variations depending on your state of operation. All types of insurance are important to protect various aspects of your business from expensive claims. However, it is possible to forgo some types of coverage and include them in a more general policy.

For instance, non-hazardous, low-value cargo can be sufficiently covered under your custom-made commercial auto insurance policy. But you may still need cargo insurance for high-value shipments.

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Brookhurst Insurance brokers can help you streamline your insurance needs so your cargo, employees, vehicles, and business are adequately protected from all business risks. Contact us today for help finding the right cargo insurance for your type and size of vehicle, as well as the value of goods you intend to transport.

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