*Brookhurst Insurance Services is licensed to provide worker’s compensation insurance for Residential Care Facilities nationwide.

Residential care facilities offer care to mostly adults and sometime, children, who are housed in a residential setting rather than their own home or family home. Depending on the needs of the residents, different care options are available.

Just like in any other business environment, there are risk factors inherent in such assisted living facilities. On the forefront of facing these risk factors in these facilities may be your workers who, by the way, are your greatest assets.

As much as the chances of ugly incidents and accidents happening can be greatly minimized, sometimes they are inevitable. It is therefore imperative that steps be taken to ensure that in an event of an incident, their effects are greatly minimized. The best thing is for you to consider getting assisted living facility insurance for residential care facilities (Code 9070).

Over the years, insurance remains the best way to handle risk and we at Brookhurst remain your most reliable partner as far as assisted living facility insurance is concerned. Our workers comp insurance cover for residential care facilities are second to none.

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What We Offer - Assisted Living Facility Insurance

Brookhurst remains your number one provider of Workers Compensation Insurance for Residential Care Facilities (Code 9070). At Brookhurst, we offer your residential care facilities peace of mind as far as insurance is concerned. As there are factors that may be out of your control in dealing with social beings like humans, we offer insurance services that cover your workers in an event of any undesirable incident.

Of course, there are incidents that are bound to occur from time to time in your facility. We believe there is no need for you to keep worrying about how to take care of their cost when they happen. Our workers comp insurance assisted living facility services give you peace of mind as we offer full coverage over such matters as alleged personal injury, bodily harm or, to the extreme, wrongful death. In the event that a liability claim may occur, we ensure that your business is saved from terrible loss.

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Why Choose Us for Your Workers Comp Insurance Assisted Living Facility

We have demonstrated over the years that we are capable to handle any kind of insurance you. The testimonials gladly offered by our numerous clients lends credit to that. Our outstanding services have served a great number of clients and we believe your residential care facilities will find in our services the solution to your workers compensation insurance needs.

Our workers comp insurance assisted living facility services are offered at a very reasonable rate. We make sure that you are not paying too much for any of our services.

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