Risk Management Agency Woodland Hills, California

Understanding Risk Management

Brookhurst Insurance offers a wide range of insurance services, as well as risk management services. Risk management, by definition, is “the forecasting and evaluation of financial risks together with the identification of procedures to avoid or minimize their impact”. Essentially, risk is anything that can prevent a business from achieving its desired goals.

Types of risks include:

  • Financial risks – these often involve the cost of any claims against a business (i.e. liability judgments)
  • Operational risks – a good example of this is when workers decide to strike
  • Perimeter risks – weather or political changes
  • Strategic risks – issues with reputation and changes to management

Let Us Identify Areas of Improvement in Your Business to Minimize Risk

Certain aspects are out of a business’s control as events happen unexpectedly and may be unforeseen; however with risk management the goal is to identify areas of control that may be improved with the intention to make events more predictable. The more predictable an event, the less risk involved.

Our risk management experts work with your business to pinpoint areas that do not show favorable outcomes and provide methods and control techniques aimed at protecting your business from costly outcomes. Risk management takes all loss exposures into account.

Feel Protected & Secure With Brookhurst Insurance

Speak with one of our risk management representatives today to begin an efficient risk management program that works to reduce the risks associated with your business. To start, please give us a call @ 818.465.7860 or conveniently contact us online using our online contact form.