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Hospice care, also known as end-of-life care, is a crucial and sensitive component of home health care in the United States where providers offer a range of services, including medical care, spiritual resources, and emotional support for individuals in advanced stages of terminal illnesses. The providers also help family members make the necessary physical and emotional adjustments of caring for a dying loved one.

In the course of their work, hospice care providers are exposed to multiple risks and potential liabilities such as:

  • Allegations by the client and/or family members that the provider has injured or mistreated the client, created a hazardous environment that contributed to the injury of the client, or damaged items belonging to the client.
  • Standard employee claims such as an injury on the job, exposure to an unsanitary or unsafe work environment, or exposure to blood-borne pathogens

Workers’ Compensation for Hospice Care Agencies

Workers compensation exists to address any employee-related liabilities, and can pay for medical care costs, physical therapy, and any legal fees incurred when handling claims by clients. If the employee cannot return to work for weeks, months, or longer, the coverage will pay for any necessary hospital or rehabilitation costs as well as the lost wages.

Besides the temporary disability coverage, workers compensation insurance also includes permanent disability coverage that provides the injured employee with compensation for hospital expenses and lost wages associated with permanent disability that renders the person unable to resume work at all.

If the employee can perform a different job, workers compensation insurance can pay for training in another career. In the unfortunate event that the employee loses his/her life on the job, the coverage will compensate the beneficiaries with death benefits.

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Employer Benefits

Workers’ compensation insurance is required by law meaning that if workers’ compensation is not included in your business insurance policy, your business runs the risk of facing a lawsuit or criminal charges. These risk factors aside, the biggest reason to consider workers compensation is that you would, otherwise, be responsible for paying all the damages for injuries sustained by employees at work, which could cause you to lose your business depending on the severity of the claims.

Hospice care agencies fulfill a vital role in the home health care industry, yet they are exposed to various risks that can cripple operations, from injured staff to lawsuits. Getting the right workers compensation insurance for your employees can help reduce significant risks, and grant you the peace of mind to focus on the aspects of your business that are important to you.

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