Brookhurst Insurance provides workers compensation insurance to all types of businesses across the United States. We are located in Woodland Hills, California and are available to serve all of your business’s general liability needs.

As a logistics and delivery services provider, you know that the success of your business goes beyond protecting your customer’s goods during storage and transit and making timely deliveries. You also need to take care of your most valuable resource, your employees, by getting workers’ compensation insurance, and in the process, protect yourself from expensive lawsuits.

Brookhurst insurance specializes in finding the best insurance solutions for the logistics industry. Whether you need workers’ compensation or warehouse legal liability coverage, our experts will ensure that you find just the solution you need at the fairest price possible.

Addressing the Changing Insurance Coverage Needs

The logistics industry is shifting away from the conventional, on-demand delivery approach to a scheduled supply-chain distribution work. This is attributed to the fast growth of online shopping, as well as the increasing expectations for faster delivery on the consumers’ side. As a result, the risk management and insurance needs of logistics companies have also evolved.

With the rise of employee drivers, your logistics business needs a more sophisticated workers’ compensation program. The insurance programs available to logistics companies cover a wide range of truck operations, including:

  • Short haul trucking - This program is designed for local transporters hauling goods within a 200-mile radius from their warehouse or primary business location. Towing companies, sand and gravel haulers, and dump truck operators operating within the 200-mile range also fall in this category.
  • Long haul trucking - This program applies to logistics companies that operate in distances over 200-miles from their warehouse principal base.
  • Commercial drivers, messengers, and chauffeurs - This program is designed for drivers who don’t work for a public transportation service, and do not fit in any other insurance category. For instance, motorcycle and bicycle messengers are exposed to unique risks that are addressed in this workers’ compensation program.
  • Mail and package delivery and courier services - This program is intended for companies that offer delivery and/or pick up services for messages and non-owned packages locally.
  • Package and parcel delivery - This program is designed for logistics companies that offer merchandize delivery services from retail stores to buyers - customers or businesses.
  • Contract trucking - If you are contracted to deliver mail, parcels, and packages by the US Postal Service, your employees may need a custom workers’ compensation coverage program.

Although most insurance companies that provide workers’ compensation coverage for logistics companies have broken down their programs in the categories listed above, many states have exceptions. So please call our Brookhurst Insurance specialists for specific details about the rules that apply to your state.

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The Brookhurst Advantage

As a leading insurance broker in the logistics, delivery, and transportation industry, we understand the challenges of managing your operations at every level, and the strategies needed to ensure the safety of your workforce and to protect your company from costly personal injury claims.

Our expert brokers have a large network of premier carriers, which allows us to provide our clients with a wide range of workers’ compensation insurance products, as well as risk management strategies to reduce their insurance rates.

Moreover, as a Brookhurst Insurance client, you will receive outstanding customer service, expert consultation, and unparalleled coverage for all your logistics insurance needs. Contact us today to learn about the workers’ compensation products we have for your logistics business.