Brookhurst Insurance offers comprehensive workers’ compensation insurance coverage that protects your employees and your transportation or fleet business. This includes trucking workers compensation, long haul trucking workers compensation insurance, owner operator workers compensation, as well as workers compensation for truckers.

Workers Compensation for the transportation industry, whether it is to protect an owner operator or a fleet company, is a necessity for smart business owners. Workers’ compensation insurance is required for transportation companies to cover your employees when risks occur.

Workers Comp Insurance for Transportation Made Easy

Making sure your vehicles, drivers, and goods are properly covered will keep your business protected – leaving you with peace of mind and confidence to carry out your day-to-day business tasks with ease.

We currently offer workers compensation insurance coverage specifically for transportation companies including:

What is workers’ compensation?

Workers’ compensation is a type of insurance that is designed to cover your employees against injuries and illnesses that occur while on the job. Workers’ compensation benefits help in covering medical expenses, lost wages and death benefits in case an employee is injured, becomes ill or get killed while on the job.

As an employer, you’re protected from lawsuits because the workers’ compensation insurance covers you.

It is mandated by state and required by the law that all employers provide workers’ insurance for all their employees whether they are working on full or part time basis. In the transportation industry, workers’ compensation offer coverage for drivers and other staff classified as employees. This means that the drivers work only for you such that they pick and deliver goods or people on a schedule designated by you. The workers’ compensation for truck drivers and other employees policy does not cover independent contractors who work for multiple companies and have the freedom to set their own schedules.

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What is the cost of workers’ compensation?

The rates of coverage of workers’ compensation insurance vary with every state. The workers’ compensation premium you pay is based on the employee salaries, their job classifications, and the number of claims you’ve had in the past. Brookhurst Insurance offers personalized workers’ compensation insurance coverage that takes into consideration your physical location, the nature of the fleet business and other factors.

As an employer, you can lower the costs of workers’ compensation premiums by reducing claims such as vehicular accidents on the road, slips, and falls, crush injuries, and back injuries or strains that occur due to lifting or carrying heavy items.

You should also put safety plans and procedures in place so as to minimize the risks of accidents. Truck drivers and other staff should be retrained at least once every year on the company’s safety program so as to prevent injuries and accidents.

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