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When starting a home health care business, you should keep in mind that there are many different components that go into ensuring a successful operation, including workers’ compensation insurance. Although it may seem costly and unnecessary at first, workers’ compensation is critical to protect you, your employees, and your business in the event of any accident or incident in the course of everyday operations.

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Protect Your Greatest Asset - Your Employees.

When running a home health care agency, your employees are your greatest asset, and should be protected with workers’ compensation insurance. The nature of their work naturally exposes them to different risks that can threaten their well-being and the success of your business.

Home health care involves helping people who are not able to perform normal day-to-day activities for themselves. This means that the person offering assistance will be required to carry out a number of physically taxing duties for another person(s).

In many cases, they will be required to work in new environments, have access to different equipment, and work under some pressure – especially when working with frustrated or depressed clients, all of which increase the risk of a misstep or misjudgment that can lead to injury.

Having workers’ compensation insurance ensures that the needs of your employees will be adequately addressed in the event of injury. These needs include medical costs, pain and suffering, and even lost wages, in case the injury makes them unable to keep working. Your business is liable for any injuries that your employees receive at work, and the lack of insurance can cause you to lose assets to cover damages.

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Workers' Compensation - A Legal Requirement.

Moreover, it is a legal requirement that employers get insurance coverage for their employees. In the unfortunate event that your employee sustains an injury and you don’t have the right coverage, it can be devastating to both the employee and your business. Workers’ compensation Insurance ensures that any injuries that occur during work are promptly and properly addressed, and the costs transferred to the insurer.

It also helps your business avoid different repercussions, including legal fees, government fines, OSHA penalizing, and so on. Workers compensation insurance should pay for any legal costs in the event that the injured employee decides to sue your business after sustaining injury on the job. But if you have the coverage, the employee should not sue in the first place because all medical costs and other expenses will be paid for.

The workers compensation insurance will pay for all costs associated with an ambulance ride, emergency room visit, hospital stay, rehabilitation, or physical therapy, and even make up for missed wages during recovery.

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