Business Insurance for Trucking, Cargo, & Logistics

The logistics & transportation industry continues to evolve every year as businesses find more efficient ways to deliver goods and products to their desired locations. It is important that businesses stay on top of all of the latest advances in logistics technology in order to maintain an edge over their competitors.

We Make Absolutely Sure Your Business is Covered

At Brookhurst Insurance, we take the same approach: making sure our business insurance plans & policies all reflect the ever-evolving changes in this industry, ensuring that you are properly covered.


As a shipper, you need insurance for the drivers that deliver your goods and products to their desired locations. Coverage is critical for businesses utilizing just-in-time delivery methods. Accidents occur and making sure you’re insured is one way to give yourself peace of mind to operate as intended.

Cargo & Logistics

Not only must your drivers be properly insured, but it is also critical to have coverage for the actual value of your goods and products that are being delivered. It is vital that your cargo is covered in order to insure that you do not suffer dramatic losses from lost cargo, whether accidental or not.

Brookhurst Insurance currently provides these insurance services for the transportation industry:

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Business insurance can be very confusing to many, often times with eager business owners having no idea where to begin. That’s our job. For a consultation and customized plans, please call our office @ 818.465.7860 or contact us conveniently online.