At Brookhurst Insurance we make sure your drivers are covered appropriately in order to protect yourself from liabilities and 3rd party claims that occur unexpectedly. We currently provide the following business insurances to parcel delivery couriers, including contractors for *FedEx, *UPS, United States Postal Services (USPS) and OnTrack drivers:

What is Courier Business Insurance?

Courier business insurance is designed specifically to meet the needs of businesses that specialize in package delivery services. These types of businesses typically handle & deliver parcels, letters & documents of high importance (i.e. bank records, blueprints, legal documents), as well as products purchased online from retailers and wholesalers.

Why Do I Need Courier Business Insurance?

Courier business insurance protects your company from unnecessary losses should any aspect of the logistics process in the delivery of mail go awry. Accidents could occur at any point of the logistics process, such as:

  • Company vehicle malfunctions
  • Car & van accidents
  • Employees injured on the job
  • Lost or damaged cargo
  • Services provided by independent contractors

Non-Trucking Liability & Physical Damage Coverage

Parcel delivery carriers, including *FedEx truck drivers, must be insured both on the job and off the job if they decide to use the truck for personal use or for non-business purposes. This is known as non-trucking liability.

When the unexpected occurs, your business needs to know its truck is protected. physical damage insurance provides collision and comprehensive coverage to repair or replace your business's new or used truck that is lost or damaged.

Customized Courier Business Insurance Plans to Make Sure You’re Covered

At Brookhurst Insurance, we specialize in providing courier business insurance to companies in the logistics industry. Most companies are unaware of the insurance available in this niche category, but our experts will educate you & then work towards a customized insurance package that meets your budget & needs.

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*Brookhurst is an independent agency without any affiliation to FedEx, UPS, or any other parcel delivery service.