Brookhurst Insurance is one of the leading providers of workers compensation insurance coverage for lawn care businesses and landscaping contractors.

Landscaping business is rife with accidents that can cause injuries or property damage which may lead to financial loss and lawsuits. You need adequate landscaping insurance coverage to protect your workers as well as your business from these types of situations.

Workers Ccompensation Insurance for Landscaping Contractors – Class Code 0042

Workers compensation insurance for landscapers is a type of insurance that provides coverage to employees when they become ill or get injured during work. Not only does landscaping workers comp helps to protect landscaping contractors and lawn care business owners from lawsuits, it helps to cover medical expenses and lost wages for an employee who becomes ill or injured while on the job.

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General Liability Insurance

A fundamental part of landscaping insurance is the general liability insurance (GL). It helps to protect your business from lawsuits and financing loss occurring as a result of accidents or mishaps at work. GL is often bundled with other insurance coverages in a Business Owners Policy (BOP). However, as a business owner, you might be eligible to get workers compensation insurance for landscapers with general liability protection without a BOP through Brookhurst Insurance.

Landscaping Vehicle Insurance

We offer customized commercial vehicle insurance for landscapers to provide you with a continuous coverage throughout the year while saving you money on premium significantly. We provide a whole range of landscaping equipment insurance including:

  • Pickup Truck Insurance
  • Van Insurance
  • Truck Insurance
  • Tow Truck Insurance
  • Equipment Coverage
  • Dump Truck Insurance

Brookhurst Insurance also offers excellent commercial vehicle claims services with flexible payment options for a wide range of commercial vehicle types.

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Workers Compensation Insurance for Landscapers.

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Who needs workers compensation for landscaping insurance?

Workers’ compensation is mandated by state and required by law that any company that does business in a particular state to carry workers compensation on each of their employees. This is a particular concern for companies providing services such as landscaping, lawn care, tree trimming, roofing, landscape architects, and arborists. Make sure your employees and business are protected.

Brookhurst Insurance Workers Compensation Insurance for Landscapers – ClassCode 0042

Brookhurst Insurance provides outstanding workers compensation insurance coverage for landscaping contactors and landscapers by making the process fast, affordable and convenient. Request an online quote for a Workers Compensation Insurance for Landscaping & Landscapers today.