*Brookhurst Insurance Services is licensed to provide worker’s compensation insurance for couriers & messengers nationwide.

Courier personnel and messengers typically handle and deliver letters, parcels, high importance documents (such as blueprints, bank records, and legal documents), and e-commerce products, among others.

Courier and messenger insurance protects the business and personnel across all lines, from damaged business assets to lost/damaged cargo to employee injuries that occur during the job. This insurance is critical for safeguarding the business from losses arising from accidents to employees, company vehicles, or even contractors.

Courier and Messengers Workers’ Compensation

With the right insurance coverage, personnel in the industry can obtain coverage for medical costs and legal fees incurred due to an accident. The employee is also shielded from damages pertaining to the loss or damage of packages during delivery, since the insurance compensates for any damage to the cargo that occurs during transit due to covered peril, an accident, or malicious damage by other entities.

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Insurance for Couriers & Messengers.

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Applying for Courier and Messenger Insurance

Businesses in courier and messenger services should consider getting workers’ compensation insurance to protect their assets and employees in the event of an accident. The employer should complete an application form and provide details about their business, controls, exposures, and insurance needs. This information helps the insurer to assess the risks of your business, and ultimately establish coverage needs and costs.

Depending on the nature of the accident, like those involving a third, negligent party, you may need to pursue third party liability in addition to the workers’ compensation claim filed by your employer. Otherwise, employers are liable for all injuries sustained by their employees while attending to work-related duties, which are covered under workers’ compensation benefits.

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