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When it comes to choosing a same-day delivery courier, there are many factors that come into play, from professionalism to insurance to tracking. Generally, the best delivery services have full insurance. This means that they’re fully protected from accidents, theft, damage, and anything else that could go wrong in the rush to deliver a package on the same day.

If you’re looking to offer same-day courier services, Brookhurst insurance agents can help you get the full coverage that you need to protect yourself, your business, and your packages/clients when things go wrong.

Same Day Delivery Business Insurance

Just as a client would insure their package for their peace of mind, delivery services should also get the right insurance to avoid expensive claims. You need to consider several things, such as how late a delivery can be from its suggested arrival date before liability is established, whether you’re willing to guarantee collection and delivery dates and the implications of failure, the suitability of the packaging - in terms of protecting and securing the items, the window that clients have for making claims for loss, damage, theft, or other reasons, and other factors.

With these factors in mind, you may need to include compensation cover as standard, for all items that are not prohibited or restricted from transport, and that are properly packaged. The free compensation cover can be a great option for sending low-value packages, while additional cover may be necessary for valuable items.

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Same Day Delivery Service Insurance

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Generally, insurance cover for shipment services contains several coverage exclusions, including loss, damage, or expense caused by:

  • Unsuitable or insufficient packaging, or preparation of the shipment
  • Normal wear and tear, leakage, or loss in volume of the item
  • Inherent vice or nature of the shipment
  • Intentional misconduct of the client
  • Delays
  • Indirect losses - loss of profit or interest

Generally, if the client doesn’t make a claim, they should be covered for both the freight charges and the replacement value of the goods, courtesy of your insurer.

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Finding affordable, comprehensive insurance for your delivery service business requires a lot of research, time and effort. Alternatively, you can work with your Brookhurst insurance agent to create a custom comprehensive plan that takes into account all the aspects of your business and the potential risks. If you currently have an insurance plan in place, our agents can also help to modify or upgrade your coverage so it provides adequate protection for your company.

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