At Brookhurst Insurance, we recognize that couriers are some of the busiest people on the road, and that you need a fast and simple solution when it comes to protecting yourself from the various risks you’re exposed to. Our agents can help you find the right commercial courier insurance that meets your requirements and budget.

What is Covered by Courier Insurance?

The challenges facing couriers are unique to the industry, and continue to change over time with online consumers and changes in technology. Brookhurst can help you find insurance products that are specifically tailored to address the needs of couriers and last-mile delivery businesses.

A standard courier insurance policy is intended to cover the loss of goods being delivered through theft or damage, as well as any damage to the van in the event of a collision when making a delivery. The insurance policy usually comes as a package with other coverage that are relevant to your business.

That said, public liability insurance for couriers may not be included in all policies. This is a vital type of coverage that protects your business from lawsuits from the public, due to bodily harm or property damage caused by your employees.

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Choosing the right insurance can come in handy when unexpected events occur during normal business operation. Some of the things that a commercial courier policy will protect you from include:

  • Accidents where you’re at fault - If you use your personal vehicle to make the deliveries or other business-related functions, your personal auto policy may not apply.
  • Injured parties suing your business for bodily injury - like in the event that your employee places a large package in the middle of the sidewalk during a delivery, and before he can move it, a jogger trips over it and gets injured.
  • Getting sued for theft-related damages - Where you’re delivering sensitive or highly confidential documents that get stolen and used to commit an even greater robbery
  • Liability for damages - Where any part of the delivery vehicle or packages is not properly secured and flies off during delivery, causing injury or damage to a third party

When one of the delivery personnel gets injured on the job, or sustains a work-related condition, the workers’ compensation insurance will take care of all the costs. Keep in mind that the victim’s health insurance does not cover costs such as medical deductibles, rehabilitation, wages from lost work time, disability, and survivor or death benefits.

Whether you’re operating on 2, 4, or more wheels, our Brookhurst insurance agents will help you get just the right commercial courier insurance policy for you.

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