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If you use a van on a regular basis as part of your job, then you should get courier business van insurance to keep your business “running” in the event that something happens. Brookhurst Insurance can help businesses whose operations revolve around making deliveries in return for payment, perhaps as delivery drivers, furniture removers, or even promotional material distributors to access the right courier business van insurance.

There are many different policies for courier business van insurance depending on the provider. Brookhurst Insurance brokers can help you get the highest and most relevant protection you need to keep your business on the road.

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Courier Business Van Insurance

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Types of Courier Van Insurance

Compared to standard van insurance, courier insurance covers the goods or cargo you’re transporting. If you’re getting paid to deliver items, this is definitely an important addition to your standard cover. Otherwise, you might be liable for any goods that get lost, stolen, or damaged during transit in your van.

The common policies for business van insurance fall in three categories:

  • Carriage of your own goods: This policy protects your personal items/equipment as you commute to work. It is ideal for plumbers, carpenters, merchants, builders, and other professionals who carry their tools of trade.
  • Carry goods for hire: This cover is ideal for courier businesses that are hired (or rewarded) to carry other people’s goods or make deliveries in exchange for a fee. Failure to carry this insurance can result in legal penalties.
  • Haulage: This cover is similar to that of carrying goods for hire. However, this option is recommended for businesses that transport goods for one or multiple specific clients on a regular basis. Unlike regular couriers who transport different kinds of items, haulage businesses can specify the type of cargo they deliver, which can affect their insurance cost.

Competitive Courier Van Insurance

Van couriers typically cover lots of miles every day when making deliveries across the country. Spending so much time on the road exposes you to more risks, which translates to higher cost of insurance. Generally, your cost of courier van insurance will be higher if your drivers travel a bigger radius.

As specialist transport insurance brokers, Brookhurst Insurance can help couriers and business owners secure competitive courier van business insurance that matches the size of your business and budget. Whether you operate a single van as a sole trader or run a fully-fledged business with a fleet of courier vehicles, contact us today for help getting an affordable, high-quality courier van insurance policy that will maximize your protection and profits.

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Courier business car insurance is typically expensive because of the high risk of the business. In addition to carrying all kinds of valuable items, like documents and electronics that need to be insured, you will also be spending hours on the road, covering lots of miles in sometimes under harsh weather, in risky areas, and generally challenging driving conditions. With these factors in mind, any courier insurance provider will impose high costs for good auto cover.

This is why it’s important to shop around for the right commercial auto cover that adds value to your business at the right price. Contact our Brookhurst Insurance Brokers for assistance finding the best commercial auto insurance cover for your courier business in any state across the US. Request a quote online or call 818.465.7860 to speak with a courier insurance agent today!