If you’re planning to become an Amazon Flex driver, then you’ll be spending your shifts delivering goods, gifts, groceries, and meals for Amazon.com, Amazon Restaurants, AmazonFresh, and Prime Now. The Amazon Flex service is available in many midsized cities and urban centers across the country.

As an Amazon Flex driver, you will be covered by the company’s policy when working and making deliveries for any of Amazon’s warehouses. This includes picking up packages from the warehouse, delivering them to a buyer, and returning undelivered ones to a designated location. But when you’re not doing any of those activities, the Amazon Flex policy won’t apply. Instead, your personal insurance policy, which you’re required to have in order to qualify for compensation under the Amazon Flex Policy, will apply.

The commercial policy for deliveries via Amazon covers:

  • Up to $1 million in liability per incident - This coverage is primary. It is more than the required minimum liability coverage in most states. It applies when involved in an accident where you’re at fault, and is used to cover for medical expenses for injured third-parties and damage to their vehicles
  • Contingent comprehensive / collision coverage - This provides up to $50,000 to cover damages to the Amazon Flex driver’s vehicle while making deliveries for Amazon Flex. However, a hefty $1,000 deductible applies.
  • Uninsured / underinsured - This $1 million coverage is means to protect Amazon Flex drivers in the event of injury or vehicle damage due to the negligence of another motorist who does not carry adequate insurance.
  • Towing and packages - The policy also provides coverage for towing in the event of an accident that disables your vehicle. Towing due to mechanical failure is not covered. Cases of damaged or stolen packages (in case your car is stolen) are covered by Amazon itself, except in cases involving fraudulent or illegal activity.

What is not covered in the policy

Although the Amazon Flex policy is pretty robust, it does not cover the flex driver’s medical payments (as would be expected through workers’ comp) because you’re considered an independent contractor. You would have to rely on your own medical care cover, or the negligent third-party’s insurance policy, like homeowner’s policy in the event of a dog bite.

Apart from the Amazon Flex insurance policy, you should be responsible for your own personal insurance, medical needs, and mechanical failure coverage to be protected from various risks at all times. Our Brookhurst insurance agents can help you get the cover you need to be protected on the road, whether you’re making deliveries for Amazon or not.

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