In California, Amazon Flex tends to match whatever personal insurance the driver has while making deliveries. Brookhurst insurance brokers can help you get the right personal and/or commercial insurance so you're adequately covered on and off the clock.

How to proceed with Insurance Claims for Amazon Flex Drivers

If involved in an accident during a delivery, it is important that you don't admit fault. Keep calm, contact the right authorities, and try to cooperate with the first responders. When asked to provide proof of insurance, you should give them the Amazon Flex policy information - Amazon prepares drivers to handle such incidents. If you're mobile enough and the scene is safe, take pictures of the damage and incident.

FAQs of Insurance Claims for Amazon Flex Drivers »

If you're at fault for damaging a customer's property, like their vehicle, fence, or mailbox, you should also offer them your Amazon Flex policy information, as well.

When you're safe and the accident has been dealt with, you should then inform Amazon Flex about the incident via telephone or email, making sure to include:

  • The time the incident occurred
  • Location of the incident
  • Description of damage
  • Personal information about the other parties involved
  • Pictures of the scene, dashcam footage, and the police report numbers if available

The insurance policy may contact you later for more information. Answer all their questions, and follow their instructions regarding repairs and other things. Be patient as Amazon will handle everything until the issue is resolved.

Are you fully covered to operate a delivery business?

Keep in mind that Amazon's insurance will only cover you if the accident occurs when making deliveries. After delivering your last package, the coverage ceases and reverts to your personal auto insurance.

The Amazon Flex policy covers: liability, contingent comprehensive and collision insurance, underinsured / underinsured motorist coverage, and towing and packages. However, the policy doesn't cover medical payments, roadside assistance, and other incidents, such as negligence through racing or injuring yourself. In addition, damages resulting from terrorism, acts of war, or nuclear hazards are not covered.

Brookhurst insurance agents can help you get the right insurance products so you're covered at all times.

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