Factors Affecting Your Courier Insurance Quote

The law requires that every motorist carries motor insurance to drive and keep their vehicle. With courier vans spending more time on the roads compared to other vehicles, every day, carrying different kinds of loads, and even in bad weather, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of your driver, cargo, and vehicle is essential to the success of your business.

Courier insurance is designed to protect your own business interests. Some of the factors that may affect your quote include:

  1. Levels of insurance needed
    • Third party only – minimum legal requirement but does not include cover for accidental vehicle damage or total loss
    • Third party, fire, and theft – In addition to the third party, it also covers your vehicle against accidental damage through fire or loss through theft
    • Comprehensive insurance – Includes protection against third-party claims, fire, theft, and accidental damage to your vehicle. It may even include towing, roadside assistance, windscreen replacement cover, and other extras.
  2. Whether the driver is a new starter or convict
    It can be difficult to get insurance when you’re young and inexperienced or trying to get back on the road after a driving ban. Your insurance broker can help you find an insurance company that’s more flexible
  3. Number of drivers using the same vehicle
    You need flexible courier insurance that gives you the option to name multiple drivers on the same vehicle
  4. Size of the vehicle
    Courier cover depends on the size of the delivery vehicle, from small to large vans, including mixed size fleets and trucks
  5. No claim bonus protection
    Some insurers provide the option to protect your No Claims Bonus even in the unfortunate event that you need to make a claim

Other factors that are likely to affect your quote include:

  • Policy option depending on your workforce
  • Whether you’re a single vehicle or fleet of vehicles
  • Whether you’re a self-employed driver
  • Whether you make single or multiple drops
  • Option for monthly installments
  • Legal expenses cover

If you’re satisfied with the quote presented, you can initiate your coverage right away if you have your debit/credit card on you. If you have a busy schedule, simply ask your insurance agents to compare the quotes on your behalf and get the best deal for you to cover your vehicle and goods.

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