What is Covered by Commercial Courier Insurance?

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Business and franchise owners have the freedom to choose the type and amount of insurance cover they want for their business, provided it meets the legal requirement in the state. In this regard, the auto insurance options available to delivery drivers vary from region to region, which can make the cost of becoming an Amazon Flex driver expensive, even though Amazon Flex provides free commercial coverage for its drivers.

As an Amazon Flex delivery partner, you’re expected to maintain the required insurance for delivering packages for Amazon in your region. All drivers are expected to carry their personal auto insurance cover, to which Amazon adds its Commercial Auto Insurance Policy at zero cost for the driver. This applies to all Amazon Flex drivers across the country, except New York.

The policy provides California drivers with:

  • Auto liability coverage
  • Underinsured motorist/uninsured motorist coverage
  • Contingent comprehensive and collision coverage

But there are several limitations to the auto insurance policy, including:

  • It only covers Amazon Flex delivery partners. This means that any passengers in the vehicle will not be covered
  • It only applies to partners who have active personal auto insurance on the vehicle they’re using to make deliveries
  • The policy only applies when actively delivering within the delivery block
  • If any other than the registered Amazon flex partner is driving when an accident occurs, the claim for any damage or losses incurred will be automatically denies
  • Amazon also only insures its drivers when they’re injured inside the vehicle, when making an Amazon-related drive. So if you slip and fall when making a delivery, or get attacked by a dog,
  • Amazon won’t be liable.

This means that all Amazon Flex drivers require additional commercial insurance to cover the gaps not addressed by the Flex policy. Also keep in mind that Amazon tends to match whatever personal insurance the Flex driver has while on the clock. So you must have your own personal auto insurance cover or comprehensive cover to receive compensation from Amazon. Your insurance agents can help you get the cover you need within your budget.

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