Ensuring Your Vehicle for Rideshare or Amazon Flex Deliveries

In most cases, delivery drivers are accountable for their own delivery business auto coverage. Even with Amazon Flex, which is given freely to all Amazon drivers and applies when performing Amazon delivery-related work, drivers are still required to have their own personal auto insurance to qualify for compensation.

Commercial Auto Insurance for Couriers | Courier Business Insurance

Using Personal Vehicles for Business

Amazon Flex is a delivery business. Like other transport businesses, the kind of insurance coverage required to venture into this business is commercial. Although you’re allowed to use your personal vehicle to make Amazon Flex deliveries, the fact that you’re using your vehicle for business invalidates your personal auto coverage.

Similarly, if you use your personal vehicle both as a rideshare driver and an Amazon Flex delivery driver, then the commercial insurance coverage you took as a rideshare driver won’t apply in the event of any accidents when making deliveries. This is because of the difference in the service offered, and the service insured.

Cost of Commercial Insurance

Generally, ridesharing insurance costs more than standard commercial insurance because it includes livery insurance. To qualify for Amazon Flex, you must have personal insurance cover, even though it won’t compensate you in the event of an accident. To be fully protected, you should bump it up to commercial motor vehicle coverage.

Many courier and delivery services offer in-house insurance policies to their drivers at a discounted rate. Amazon Flex, for instance, has a pretty good policy for its drivers that it offers at no cost at all that includes:

  • The primary liability clause offers up to $1 million per incident
  • $1 million per accident for uninsured or underinsured motorists
  • $50k per accident for comprehensive and collision contingency, with a $1,000 deductible

When to contact your insurance agents?

Even with an in-house insurance policy, like Amazon Flex, you may still require special insurance for your personal vehicle in order to qualify for the insurance package, like for the case of Amazon Flex, and to cover any gaps in the insurance policy provides. Your insurance agents will help you get the right comprehensive coverage that covers your needs within your budget.

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