Workers Comp for Parcel Delivery Drivers

The parcel delivery business is booming. With more and more consumers opting to purchase items online, there has been an increase in the number of companies offering shipping services so you can receive your item right at the doorstep.

But with delivery drivers spending hours on the road as they move from one location to the other delivering packages of all sizes, they are exposed to serious hazards, from auto collisions to back injuries to that may bring their job to a sudden stop. Other risks include slip and fall, chronic back and shoulder pain, torn muscles, animal bites, being struck by falling objects, or even violent attacks from robbers.

Fortunately, the law looks out for all employees and requires all businesses to carry workers compensation for their employees. This insurance is designed to provide injured employees with coverage of their hospital expenses and lost wages. But not all workers’ comp. policies are created equal, even in the parcel delivery business.

workers comp for parcel delivery drivers

Custom workers’ comp. policy

Workers compensation insurance is mandatory for all employees in most states. For the parcel delivery business, which is considered extremely risky for insurance providers, it would be reckless to continue to operate without it. With your employees constantly lifting and moving heavy packages and spending hours on the road regardless of the weather or traffic situation, accidents and/or injuries are bound to happen.

Without workers’ comp., an injured employee may file a lawsuit against your company for compensation. Consequently, you would be required to pay for any costs out-of-pocket, in addition to paying a hefty fine for not carrying the mandated insurance policy.

Seek professional help

Insurance brokers can help you get the right workers’ comp. insurance that is right for your size and nature of the business. Factors such as the number of drivers/employees, radius of deliveries made from your offices, and type of packages delivered may affect the cost of your policy.

Getting a professional to analyze your policy with you will ensure that you have adequate coverage with a low risk of denial due to mistakes or failure to understand your policy.

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