Cargo Insurance for Trucking & Truck Drivers

In the trucking industry, you’re expected to transport cargo from one place to another, fast – irrespective of the distance, route, or type of cargo. Unfortunately, traditional cargo policies for trucking often referred to as “Motor Truck Cargo Insurance” are usually not adequate to ensure such kinds of flexible operation.

The solution is finding trucking-oriented cargo insurance programs. However, just because it claims to be a “trucking cargo policy” does not make it optimal for your type of business.
Cargo Insurance for Business Insurance for Trucking & Truck Drivers

Getting the right trucking-cargo insurance coverage

To ensure that your cargo and business are sufficiently protected, it is important that you check the fine details of the policy properly to ensure that it an adequately handle your claims without being necessarily overcharged for it.

There are a couple of strategies you can use to narrow down your options, including:

  • Choosing lower overall limits of the insurance, such that it is enough to cover at least 90 percent of your work, but not necessarily all of it. Such programs may have a provision that lets you specify special higher limits for the other specific contracts, operations, or individual shipments of greater value.
  • Accepting coverage restrictions on high-risk operations that you can carefully control and manage. For instance, if you have a daily or weekly line-haul transporting cargo worth about one million dollars from point A direct to point B, and the truck never makes a stop and so it’s never left unattended, you can eliminate coverage for such a situation. This, in turn, limits the risk and raises confidence with the underwriters that you’re providing due care for high-value shipments.

Final note

Cargo-insurance is usually detail-oriented, and it can take a bit of time to fully understand the essentials. Good advice helps. So, consider working with professional transportation insurance brokers to help you review the best cargo insurance policies for your trucking business. This will help you get quality cargo insurance for your unique needs.

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