3 Reasons to Choose Amazon DSP Owner Insurance

amazon dsp owner


To keep operations running smoothly, an Amazon DSP owner must have the proper insurance to protect their business and employees. With appropriate insurance coverage, you can rest easy knowing you have what is necessary to continue operating in the event of an accident.  


Added Advantages of Amazon DSP Insurance


Peace of mind is only one advantage of adequately covering your business as an Amazon DSP owner. At Brookhurst Insurance, we help clients guarantee they have the right coverage required by Amazon Logistics and their state. With this guarantee, Amazon DSP owners know they can cover employee injuries, cargo damage, or other liabilities without losing their business. With our insurance packages, you can continue running your business efficiently while protecting your assets for long-term growth.


Adequately Meet Amazon Logistics Insurance Requirements 


Amazon DSP owners need to understand the necessary insurance requirements for proper operations with Amazon Logistics. Brookhurst experts will help you understand the necessary qualifications, including:


General Liability 

As a delivery service partner, you are required to sustain personal insurance for both the vehicles and drivers (employees) that comply with laws in that particular region and state. Our insurance brokers can help you navigate the best coverage you need while saving you time and money.


Workers’ Compensation 

Although Amazon’s delivery conditions apply nationwide, there could be a few workers’ compensation differences depending on your state of operation. Brookhurst Insurance brokers can help you streamline your workers’ compensation insurance needs. 


Commercial Auto Insurance 

This is essential coverage for the most common accidents. Our insurance specialists can help you determine the amount of coverage needed from bodily injuries to wrongful death. This coverage can also include cargo in transit.


Also, if you have 30 or more employees, you may be required to provide health insurance. Brookhurst Insurance can help you choose the best coverage for your company and employees within your financial means.


Guaranteed Expert Support


Our Brookhurst agents understand how to navigate Amazon Logistics requirements to protect your business which, in turn, will save you time and money as an Amazon DSP owner. Contact our knowledgeable team today by calling 818.465.7860.

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