Insurance Program for Couriers FAQ

insurance program for couriers


What type of coverage does an insurance program for couriers include?

With a significant amount of time spent driving, courier insurance can be expensive. We offer comprehensive insurance program options to help you find the right coverage within your budget.

  • Courier Business Car Insurance – While standard car insurance covers commutes and social trips, business car insurance covers you while on the job. Business car insurance allows you to insure multiple drivers who use the vehicle under the same policy, giving you peace of mind at a considerable discount.
  • Courier Business Van Insurance – If you use a van regularly as part of your job, courier business van insurance can help keep your business operating smoothly. Brookhurst Insurance can help enterprises whose operations revolve around making deliveries in return for payment to access the right courier business van insurance.
  • Additional Logistics Delivery Coverage – At Brookhurst Insurance, we specialize in providing courier business insurance to companies in the logistics industry, including Amazon delivery, grocery delivery, expedited delivery, and same-day delivery.


Why do I need an insurance program for couriers?

At Brookhurst, we found that there is a specialized need for an insurance program for couriers. Accidents could happen suddenly in the package delivery industry, including:

  • Company vehicle malfunctions
  • Car & van accidents
  • Employees injured on the job
  • Lost or damaged cargo
  • Services provided by independent contractors


 Why choose Brookhurst Insurance for courier insurance coverage?

The more an employee is on the road delivering, the more likely he is to have an accident. With this in mind, Brookhurst Insurance provides a quality insurance program for couriers to protect their companies from liabilities, and third-party claims that can occur unexpectedly.

Our Brookhurst agents understand the logistics industry and the insurance requirements necessary to protect your business which, in turn, will save you time and money. Contact our expert team today by calling 818.465.7860.

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