On-Demand Delivery Insurance

The market for on-demand delivery drivers is booming across the country. With the high interest for convenience service, the need for on-demand delivery insurance increases and becomes essential to work in the industry. At Brookhurst Insurance, we offer on-demand delivery insurance solutions to help businesses and drivers grow with the current culture.

Why should I have On-Demand Delivery Insurance?

Whether a driver is delivering pizza or an Instacart order, it is essential for the driver to have sufficient insurance since personal insurance alone will not cover injuries or property damage if an accident happens.

With Brookhurst Insurance, on-demand delivery drivers can select a comprehensive commercial auto insurance plan that best suits their needs. Our experienced agents understand the importance of protecting the driver in case of an accident and the items he/she is carrying. Their knowledge ensures employers or drivers will select the best insurance to protect on-demand delivery drivers.

What is the Cost of On-Demand Delivery Insurance?

Determining the cost of on-demand delivery insurance can depend based on the needs of the employer or driver. Either the employer or the driver pays for the insurance coverage per the terms of their work agreement.

What are the Advantages of On-Demand Delivery Insurance?

Employers and drivers can have peace of mind knowing they are providing high-quality service with on-demand delivery insurance coverage. Customers value services that take pride in protecting their items and delivery drivers. Having proper coverage is a win-win for both the on-demand delivery service and those requesting the convenience service.

How Do I Request a Quote?

If you are interested in becoming an on-demand delivery driver or employer, contact the specialists at Brookhurst Insurance at 818.465.7860 or request a quote online.

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