Commercial Car Insurance for Delivery Drivers

With advances in the delivery industry, more companies are using delivery drivers to provide customers with competitive service. To safeguard the company and drivers should an accident occur, Brookhurst Insurance offers commercial car insurance for delivery drivers in California and across the U.S.

Examples of Commercial Car Insurance for Delivery Drivers

Commercial Auto Insurance is accident protection when a business’s driver gets into an accident while driving a company-owned vehicle. Coverage can include paying for property damage or physical injuries your driver causes, plus related legal expenses. It can potentially cover medical costs if the driver is injured.

However, it is important to note that commercial auto insurance does not cover drivers involved in an accident while driving a personal car.

Hired and Non-Owned Auto Insurance can cover employee accidents that happen while using their personal car for business duties. This coverage can also apply to vehicles a business rents.

Advantages of Commercial Car Insurance for Delivery Drivers

Business owners understand that having peace of mind is imperative concerning employees. Protecting delivery drivers with commercial car insurance safeguards a company from lawsuits or other injury-related losses. Delivery drivers can focus their energy on providing prompt delivery knowing they have insurance coverage if an accident occurs. Overall, both the delivery driver and the company benefits from proper commercial car insurance.

To find out how Brookhurst Insurance can help your company protect your delivery drivers, contact our office at 818.465.7860 or request a quote online. Our experts look forward to helping you find the plan that is best for your business.

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