Expedited Delivery Insurance

As an expedited delivery driver, you should ensure that your vehicle is properly insured for the additional risks that you’ll be taking, which is why you’ll need expedited delivery insurance. Keep in mind that expedited delivery services are designed to give the client faster access to their items, package, or cargo, usually at an additional cost. Some of the extra fees go towards getting insurance cover for direct physical loss, theft, or damage to the items without the need to prove liability, but only if you have the right insurance cover protecting you from paying for damages out-of-pocket.

expedited delivery insurance

Options For Expedited Delivery Insurance

Most of the people using expedited delivery services require a fast and economical solution. As an on-demand delivery driver, you can move packages and reach clients much faster than with regular ground service. Getting the right insurance protects you from expensive claims in the event that you’re delayed from making the delivery in time, leading to losses for the clients.

Having your vehicle covered against multiple mishaps and damages is a convenient way to avoid trouble and expenses, compared to trusting your driving skills or relying on standard personal auto insurance that is usually voided by using your vehicle for commercial purposes.

The right insurance can also provide compensation for the loss or damage of the package. Other perks associated with expedited delivery services include:

  • Package tracking – expedited delivery services typically offer package tracking and delivery confirmation
  • Convenience – the client can arrange for scheduled pick-up or on-demand pickup services for great convenience, or choose a handy drop location.
  • Great access – delivery drivers go where you need your package to reach, from post office boxes to rural routes, right to your door/business.

Get Your Expedited Delivery Insurance Today

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