All You Need To Know About The Insurance Requirements For Company Bus Drivers

The fact that company bus drivers transport passengers under strict schedules and tough traffic conditions means that they must be keen to observe all safety procedures and adhere to traffic laws to reduce the risk of accidents. As such, buses tend to have more expensive insurance policies than conventional auto insurance options.

insurance for company bus drivers

Here are a few factors that influence the cost of bust driver insurance:

  • Insurance providers classify buses differently from regular vehicles based on two main criteria. First, buses are considered a passenger transportation vehicle, as opposed to a personal use vehicle. Secondly, any bus with seats for more than 14 passengers is considered a commercial vehicle, which means that the driver must have a commercial driver’s license, rather than a standard operator’s license.
  • Bus drivers are expected to drive their vehicles safely as they transport any number of passengers between 15 and over 100. Auto insurance for buses typically cover a lot of liability, considering that it is required to protect the driver, passengers, and business/company from liability in the event of a collision.
  • Since so many people can sustain injuries in a bus-related accident, and the potential cost of an accident can be so much higher, there is a need for increased coverage for liability. The amount of liability coverage required for different buses varies from state to state, which in turn affects the total cost of an insurance policy because it largely depends on the dollar amount of liability coverage required.
  • Other than the state regulations, you need to consider any specific coverage guidelines indicated by the professional group or other body that organizes the bus drivers/owners. Bus drivers operate buses for intercity bus companies, local transit systems, tour bus companies, and other private and public companies, and often adhere to strict time schedules regardless of the traffic conditions.

Please contact your insurance broker for help meeting the insurance requirements for your bus drivers and transportation business.


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