Commercial Transportation Workers Compensation Insurance

Commercial transportation workers compensation insurance is an essential part of owning a commercial business.  With proper coverage, commercial transportation companies provide vital safeguards for their employees in the event of injury. At Brookhurst Insurance, we offer commercial transportation industry solutions across California and the United States.

Understanding Commercial Transportation Workers Compensation

Commercial transportation workers compensation is a kind of insurance that covers employees when injury or illness occurs while on the job. Employee benefits include: help cover medical expenses, lost earnings and death.  The insurance advantage for commercial transportation employers is protection from a lawsuit after an injury.  Protecting employees is imperative for any commercial transportation company and required by law in all states to guarantee that full-time and part-time employees have essential safeguards while transporting goods.

Coverage for Employees

By defining who is in an employee or staff member, companies can guarantee proper coverage for employees and their assets. Commercial transportation companies will need to include all drivers and staff listed as employees.

Quality Commercial Transportation Workers Compensation Insurance

At Brookhurst Insurance,  we treat our customers as our top priority and will help your company with all your commercial transportation workers compensation needs including:

Protecting Your Employees & Your Business

Designing Proactive Risk Control Solutions

Resolving Claims Effectively & Efficiently

Providing True Customer Support

To learn more about our commercial transportation workers compensation insurance, contact our Encino, CA office at 818.465.7860.  Our friendly and experienced insurance agents will assist you in selecting the right coverage to protect your business and employees.

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