Benefits of Worker’s Compensation for Couriers & Messengers

Running a messenger or courier company often means that your workers are constantly on the move. Having the right insurance package, including workers compensation for your employees can deliver peace of mind and boost productivity because you know that your costs are covered in the event of an accident or incident. Here are some of the benefits of workers’ compensation for couriers and messengers:

Benefits of Worker’s Compensation for Couriers & Messengers

Protection of Business Resources

In the courier business, your employees are your biggest asset. Without them, you would not be able to make deliveries. And if most of them are injured and out of work, or if you have a high turnover rate, it can drastically affect your business operations.

Workers’ compensation covers the medical expenses for any injuries that your employees may sustain when working. Keep in mind that your messengers are exposed to all kinds of threats when making deliveries, from dog bites when delivering parcels to slips and falls in slippery or poorly lit environments.

When insured, they don’t have to worry about raising funds to pay for emergency services or to get an annoying symptom diagnosed before it gets worse.

Improved Employee Productivity

Workers’ compensation covers a lot more than medical costs. It also provides cover for lost wages and rehabilitation costs, among others. With their mind at ease, they can focus on the work at hand for optimal productivity.

Avoid Expensive Workers’ Compensation Claims

Considering the myriad of risks that messengers are exposed to when making deliveries, it is in your best interest to obtain insurance cover to protect against any accidents or incidents that may unexpectedly draw funds from your business and hinder its operations or profitability.

Final Note

It is important that you maintain accurate records of any work-related accidents affecting your foot, bicycle, or vehicle couriers. Encourage your employees to see a doctor if they get hurt, and speak truthfully to the doctor about the injury to ensure coverage, as it’s the doctor’s duty to report work-related accidents to the insurer.

Couriers and Messengers Workers’ Compensation with Brookhurst Insurance

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