Benefits of Workers Comp for Transportation Companies

Workers compensation is not only a legal requirement for all employees/workers, but also a necessity for transportation companies. Although it may seem like another unnecessary cost to your business, the financial consequences of not providing workers comp. can be so much worse if you have to pay for medical expenses and damages out of pocket.

Benefits of Workers Comp for Transportation Companies | Insurance Plans

Workers in the transportation industry, such as as owner-operators and fleet drivers, are exposed to all kinds of hazards on the road. From poor visibility and slippery roads due to inclement weather to distracted driving to careless road users. And considering the fact that your vehicle is transporting heavy, flammable, or hazardous goods, any crush can be devastating.

Here are some of the benefits of workers comp for transportation companies:

To pay for employee medical expenses

Sadly, truck drivers are exposed to serious risks every time they go to work. Getting injured or even killed on the job is a real possibility. Some of the common injuries include:

  • Slips and falls – on the loading docks or when getting in/out of the truck
  • Crush injuries
  • Auto collisions on the road
  • Strains and back injuries due to lifting and carrying heavy loads

With proper safety plans in place, it is possible to minimize the risk of accidents, though you cannot completely prevent all accidents. Unfortunately, the resulting injuries can be deadly, or cause long-term effects that force the employee out of a job. Workers’ compensation can help to pay for any damages, including medical expenses, lost wages, and death benefits without paying out of pocket.

To avoid expensive lawsuits

Workers’ compensation rules prevent employees from suing their employer in the event of an injury. Since workers’ comp. claims are purely liability claims, the injured employees are not obligated to prove that the employer contributed to the injury in any way.

To avoid legal penalties

The law requires that all drivers and staff classified as employees in your transportation business carry workers’ compensation. Otherwise, if your employees file a lawsuit against you, the state court will fine you, in addition to being asked to pay for other damages out of pocket. The only exception is if your drivers are independent contractors, and work for different transportation companies, so you’re not obligated to include them in your workers’ compensation policy.

Workers’ compensation is a necessary cost for transportation companies. The financial implications of not providing this legally required coverage can be severe, sometimes to the point of business closure or bankruptcy.

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