Benefits of Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Nursing Homes

Some people consider nursing homes to be low-risk work environments, but this is not necessarily true. Research from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that nursing homes have four times as many work days lost to illness and injury when compared to the industry as a whole, which is higher than manufacturing, construction, or even mining. As such, workers’ compensation insurance is just as important for nursing homes as it is for other industries.

Benefits of Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Nursing Homes

Protect Your Valued Employees From Work-Related Risks

At first, it may be surprising that nursing home employees are at higher risk of injury than manual laborers in construction or mining. But the process of manually lifting patients – assisting them get in or out of bed, positioning them in chairs, helping them bath or dress – all day, every day can cause small injuries to the spine that develop into musculoskeletal disorders. Workers compensation covers the medical costs of your employees so they’re not afraid to seek professional help as soon as symptoms begin to show.

Maximize Employee Productivity Through Peace of Mind

Workers compensation not only covers medical expenses, but also lost wages and expenses such as vocational rehabilitation, mileage, wages for a second job, and activities of daily living (ADL) care resulting from the accident. Moreover, your employees can be awarded benefits for permanent partial disability due to the injury even after returning to their regular work.

Maintain Positive Cash-Flow for Your Business

Depending on the severity of these injuries, the health and earning capability of your workers can be severely affected. This may also result in high turnover rate and affect the finances of the nursing home operator. Moreover, claim expenses can quickly add up, straining your business operations and finances.

Understanding the role and benefits of workers’ compensation is key to running a successful elder care facility.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Nursing Homes

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