*Brookhurst Insurance Services is licensed to provide worker’s compensation insurance for USPS carrier drivers nationwide.

Learn more about rural mail carrier insurance provided by Brookhurst Insurance to ensure you have enough coverage that you need.

Rural mail carriers are required to have a comprehensive auto insurance coverage before embarking on providing this delivery activity. If you decide to become a rural carrier, it is essential to inform your insurance provider to determine the exact type of coverage you’ll need.

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How Does Commercial Driving Insurance for USPS Work?

The U.S Postal Services offers a “rural carrier” program for people living in isolated areas to earn extra income in exchange for delivering mail along pre-determined rural routes.

Once you’ve registered for the program, you’ll be required to take a few hours out of your day and drive a few miles to deliver letters.

If you’re a U.S Postal Service employee, your mail carrier insurance policy will have an endorsement added to it by your insurer. This crucial addition to your policy will be able to help you obtain collision and comprehensive coverage in the event you get involved in an accident while working. Contact Brookhurst Insurance to have this endorsement put in your policy before starting work.

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However, if you’re working as a private mail carrier then your auto insurance policy is considered to be a courier. Hence you must have a commercial policy. This also applies when you use personal vehicle for mail delivery. Again if you’re working as an independent contractor, the cost of commercial driving insurance coverage for USPS may be a tax-deductible businesses expense.

If you plan to serve as a rural carrier for the USPS you’ll be required to review your current insurance coverage to ensure that all the necessary changes are made. The rates for this type of insurance coverage will vary with every insurance provider.

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