Workers Comp for Moving Companies

Moving is a stressful process, and most people and business choose to hire professionals to assist with the process. Considering that the job involves several risks, such as back injuries, slips and falls, auto collisions, and others that may happen on the client’s property, workers who don’t have the right workers’ insurance coverage may sue the employer or client for compensation.

Workers Comp for Moving Companies | Commercial Auto Insurance

If the latter happens, your business will be ruined, first because of the expensive lawsuit, and also because of a damaged reputation when your clients have to defend themselves in court for your mistakes.

Although workers’ compensation rates for moving companies are quite high, this is a mandatory and important insurance coverage for the wellbeing of your employees and protection of your business and clients. Fortunately, there are a few ways to reduce the cost of your workers’ comp:

Strict hiring system

Before hiring your employees, make sure that you perform proper background checks. Employees without previous records, as well as those with experience in the field, tend to attract lower rates.

Maintaining coverage

Many business owners don’t realize that maintaining their coverage without any lapses can help to reduce their rates because most providers offer credits and/or discounts to businesses that keep their policy active. To avoid late payments or cancellations for avoidable mistakes, consider enrolling for automatic draft payments or paying your policy in full every year.

Implementing safety procedures

Anything you do to actively minimize the risk of accidents and injury can help to lower your workers compensation rates. Some things to consider include providing employees with training and safety gear, using a buddy lift system, arranging monthly safety meetings, scheduling regular vehicle maintenance, implementing a return to light-duty plan, and so on.

If you need assistance getting the best rates for workers’ compensation insurance, don’t hesitate to contact your insurance broker for assistance.

Inquire About Workers Comp for Moving Companies

At Brookhurst Insurance, our agents are experienced in commercial auto insurance products. We would be happy to discuss customized plans for your moving company to be insured properly. This can give you some peace of mind to run normal day-to-day operations without the need to worry about accidents beyond your control. Request a quote online or call 818.465.7860 to speak with a commercial auto insurance agent today!

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