Brookhurst Insurance provides commercial auto insurance to all types of businesses across California and the United States. We are located in Woodland Hills, California and are available to serve all of your business’s general liability needs.

As a restaurant delivery service provider, or RDS company, the success of your business depends on your ability to make deliver food quickly and conveniently to your patrons wherever they are. With increasingly tight individual and family schedules, the demand for delivering prepared foods continues to grow rapidly.

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Restaurant Delivery Insurance

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As you focus on juggling your day-to-day operations to meet customer demands, your restaurant delivery business may be exposed to unseemingly major threats with the potential for huge financial losses. Brookhurst Insurance brokers specialize in matching business venturing into the transportation sector with the right insurance solutions to protect their operations, fleet, and workforce.

At Brookhurst Insurance, we pride ourselves in our nationwide network that gives us access to a wide range of insurance options to address the needs of delivery businesses specializing in different areas, including food delivery. Whether you have one scooter or motorcycle or several or dozens of drivers, we can help you find the perfect restaurant insurance package for the size of your business and budget.

Insurance Options for Restaurant Delivery

From years of experience in helping businesses in the transportation industry find the right insurance products, we know what it takes to run a safe and successful restaurant delivery operation. Some of the insurance options that may work for you include:

  • Exclusive restaurant delivery insurance - to address the unique risks of your operations
  • Custom cargo insurance - to protect your business from claims due to temperature or spoilage
  • Hired auto insurance - to protect yourself from risks when subcontracting deliveries
  • Specialty coverage - to protect your web-based operations from cyber liability
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We realize that your hungry customers are depending on you to make timely deliveries of their ordered meals. Our work is to help make this process as safe, smooth, and inexpensive as possible so your team is well protected when out on the road. Our brokers can help you get the best insurance deal for your needs and budget, with competitive rates and flexible payment options.

If your restaurant offers delivery, either from one or more locations, Brookhurst Insurance agents will help to ensure that your team and business are adequately covered by the various insurance products, from workers’ compensation to commercial general liability to auto liability. Please contact Brookhurst insurance agents online or call 818.465.7860 to discuss your specific needs for restaurant delivery insurance.