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With most Non-Emergency Medical Transportation drivers making over a dozen trips per day, speeding from nursing homes, hospitals, or other outpatient healthcare facilities as they try to save lives, their own lives could also be in danger should they injure their back while lifting a client on or off the vehicle or be involved in an auto accident as they perform their duties.

Our insurance brokers at Brookhurst Agency can help companies offering non-emergency medical transportation services find the necessary insurance cover to protect their employees and their businesses from unforeseen circumstances that may pose financial challenges. In the event of an accident, workers’ compensation insurance provides your drivers with the benefits they’re entitled to as employees, including compensation for hospital bills and lost income, so they won’t sue you for the same.

Challenges of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Drivers in this line of work typically go through advanced training in driving. But factors such as fatigue, empathy, or other kinds of distractions can cause even experienced drivers to momentarily lose their focus on safe practices, resulting in an accident.

In most cases, your drivers may not be at fault. External factors can put your drivers at risk, such as other road users ignoring sirens or bad weather. Whatever the risk, workers’ comp. may be the only benefit available to your drivers should they be injured while on the job. Not only is it a legal requirement in most states, but also a vital coverage to protect yourself from expensive lawsuits from injured employees.

That said, the high premiums involved in NEMT make many insurance providers hesitant about providing the needed coverage. You can, however, enjoy discounts depending on a few factors such as:

  • The number of years your business has been in operation, and whether you’ve carried workers’ comp. coverage before
  • Whether you offer employee group transportation
  • The radius of your transportation service, like 25 or 50 miles
  • Whether you have a fleet maintenance program - in-house or outsourced
  • Whether the vehicles are equipped with sirens or lights
  • Whether clients are transported by stretcher or gurney
  • Whether your operation provides patient-handling training
  • Whether your drivers have any experience working with your passengers - seniors or people with special needs
  • Whether the business conducts pre-hire and post-accident drug testing
  • Whether you use independent contractors or subcontractors
  • Whether your drivers are road-tested before hiring
  • Whether your operation has written procedures for the use of wheelchair lifts and securing wheelchairs

Depending on your response for these and other questions, you can enjoy massive discounts for workers’ compensation insurance for your drivers.

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