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A hired auto refers to any vehicle that has been leased, rented, or borrowed by your company for business use. As such, hired auto liability would pay for any damages arising from the negligence of your employee/driver. Although this coverage does not include damage to the vehicle itself, it covers the driver (which is not the case with non-owned auto insurance).

When leasing a vehicle, businesses often have trouble choosing between getting hired auto liability coverage and purchasing the Collision Damage Waiver offered by the rental car company. To ensure that your business is fully protected, our Brookhurst Insurance brokers can help you identify the insurance products that will best protect your business from risks associated with hiring your company cars.

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Hired Auto Liability Coverage

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The Risks Covered in Hired Auto Liability Coverage

Large businesses may prefer to purchase their own vehicles to carry out large deliveries as needed. However, some businesses may prefer to use small, fuel-efficient vehicles that can be hired as needed, especially when looking to deliver only a couple or several individual orders per delivery trip.

Regardless of the number of trips made, the fact that these hired vehicles will be on the road or on a client’s property creates off-premises liability for your company that may include damage or theft of the items being transported, an accident that causes damage to the client’s premise, and so on. Hired auto liability would help pay for any damages arising from the negligence of your employee/driver - if the injured party sues your company - with the exception of any damage to the vehicle itself. The driver may still be personally liable for any property damage or third-party injuries.

Get the Right Insurance for Your Business Situation

Hired auto liability coverage can be the protection you need to fill the gaps in your personal auto insurance for business driving. Depending on the nature of your business, it can take the place of the liability insurance needed for a car rental. Although hired auto coverage is necessary for your company’s liability, it does not protect your drivers from liability. Contact Brookhurst Insurance agents today to create a comprehensive insurance plan that protects all aspects of your business.

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