Brookhurst Insurance provides workers compensation insurance to all types of businesses across the United States. We are located in Woodland Hills, California and are available to serve all of your business’ commercial auto insurance needs.

With a growing number of people turning to third parties for their transportation services, either as a way to save on owning a car or to reduce the impact on the environment, limousine and bus operations have been on the rise.

If you’re looking to start a bus or limousine business, Brookhurst Insurance Agency can help to ensure that your business is protected by having the right type and amount of coverage, from auto insurance to workers’ compensation, at the best rates in your state.

Why does your your public transportation business need workers’ compensation insurance?

Workers’ compensation is a mandatory coverage in most states as long as your business has employees. It is designed to protect both employees and business by paying for any work-related injuries, including any resulting medical expenses and lost wages. It also covers the services needed to help employees recover and return to work.

Workers’ compensation also covers any lawsuits or litigation costs that may arise from an employee pursuing legal action against the business.

More Coverage for Peace of Mind

If you’re concerned about your limo operators’ or bus operators’ workers compensation policy, Brookhurst Insurance agents can help you evaluate the problem from a different perspective. Since we specialize in providing insurance packages for the transportation industry, we are well aware of the challenges that can cripple your business, and can help you to protect yourself.

All-inclusive Insurance Packages

In some cases, the level of coverage provided under the commercial auto insurance policy mandated by your state laws may not be sufficient to keep you and your business out of financial hardship. Many business are underinsured, yet they don’t realize it until it’s too late and have to cater for some of the expenses out-of-pocket.

This risk may arise because they’re unaware of the limitations of their insurance policy, or because they’re trying to reduce their costs. Employees in the transportation industry need to find ways to promote safety on the road, which can be an uphill task for most people, let alone drivers operating large vehicles like buses or limousines.

Employers should be concerned about the greater risks faced by their drivers as they do their job. They should think about protecting their employees and their families in the unfortunate event that they suffer work-related injuries that prevent them from going to work, so they can get the medical care they need and continue to provide for their families.

Workers’ compensation can cater for these costs so the owner doesn’t have to pay out-of-pocket.

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Insurance for Bus / Limousine Operations

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Meeting Your Unique Needs

Do you need workers’ compensation for one charter bus, or perhaps a fleet of limos?

Regardless of the scope of your workers’ compensation insurance requirements, our Brookhurst Insurance brokers will help you find the right amount of coverage to protect yourself and your employees. From public livery insurance to charter bus insurance to limousine insurance and more, we’ll help you address all your needs.

Rather than assuming that you have enough coverage from your commercial insurance policy, contact Brookhurst Insurance agency today so our brokers can help you to reassess your risk levels and get you the right amount of workers’ compensation insurance for your drivers.

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