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With bus drivers exposed to all kinds of risks on the roads as they try to navigate their large vehicles through congested traffic while trying to stick to a schedule, all day, every day, most insurance providers believe that they’re exposed to greater risks compared to other drivers and employees. This means that you need your workers’ compensation policy to be specifically crafted for your type and size of business to be fully protected.

Brookhurst Insurance agency specializes in helping business owners in the transportation industry find the right insurance package for their needs and size of business. Workers’ compensation insurance that’s specifically tailored for bus drivers can give you and your employees peace of mind and the confidence to keep going even while facing the many risks of the business.

Benefits of Bus Driver Insurance

Managing a fleet of buses is hard work, and getting the right cover for your workers solves many problems. First, it ensures that you don’t incur extra costs when dealing with work-related injuries, in the form of state penalties for not having the mandatory workers’ comp. cover for your employees, paying out-of-pocket for medical expenses, and being sued by your workers for lost wages and other damages.

Secondly, it helps to reduce worker turnover. When you take the necessary measures to ensure that your bus drivers don’t encounter any problems on the road, through proper vehicle maintenance, providing regular training on safety, and getting the right insurance cover, your drivers know that they’re working for a company that values their wellbeing, and may even be more invested in your business. Loyalty can mean improved job performance.

Workers’ Compensation Complications

There are a few instances when drivers may not be entitled to receive workers’ compensation, like when an accident occurs while traveling to/from work. Because the injury does not occur while performing your job duties, you may not qualify for the benefits, though this depends on the policy you get.

On the other hand, workers’ compensation allows the driver to receive compensation even if he/she was at fault in the accident, provided they follow proper protocol after the collision or accident.

These situations indicate that workers’ compensation can be complicated, and the results can be unfavorable for both the worker and the employer. With the help of Brookhurst Insurance brokers, you can find just the right coverage for your employees so they can receive the compensation they’re entitled to in the event of an accident. This will also mean that your business is protected from unexpected costs such as employee lawsuits.

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Insurance for Bus Drivers

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Custom Bus Driver Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Our Brookhurst Insurance agents work hard to help you protect your business in the public transportation industry by finding the right insurance package for your needs, in your state, whether your operations involve limousines, school buses, or charter buses.

With a wealth of experience in the commercial transportation insurance industry, Brookhurst Insurance agents understand the unique demands that our clients face, and can help you find specialized insurance products, including bus driver workers’ compensation, in your state, so you can focus on running your business.

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