*Brookhurst Insurance Services is licensed to provide worker’s compensation insurance for home health care agencies located in California, Arizona, Texas, Georgia, Illinois, Nevada, South Carolina, North Carolina, & Pennsylvania.

Brookhurst Insurance is a leading provider of workers compensation homecare insurance. Our home health workers compensation insurance services caters for business owners of health care agencies with special needs but are allowed to stay in their homes. It might be for disabled people, people recovering from surgery, chronically ill people or old people who are not in the shape to take proper care of themselves and are not housed in residential care facilities.

Brookhurst Insurance is always ready to offer you one of the most affordable home health workers compensation coverage you can find anywhere. Our home health workers compensation also caters for health workers providing personal care which may include bathing, hair washing, dressing, feeding, and any of such services.

These home health care services are probably the most important home care services. Since caregivers in this category are also exposed to risk factors, Brookhurst Insurance is always ready to do what’s necessary by offering the most suitable workers compensation insurance for home health care providers.

The Need for Workers Compensation Homecare Insurance

There is a high need for workers compensation insurance for your home health care workers. This is because as in other business ventures, there are inherent risks in the day to day activities of your workers.

As much as there can be some good measures in place to minimize the occurrence of incidents and accidents, they cannot be completely eliminated and the best way to minimize loss when they occur is to have an appropriate insurance coverage in place.

A proper home health workers compensation insurance, like the one we offer at Brookhurst Insurance, will allow you to focus on some other important activities in your business as it will offer reliable coverage in the event of any incident. This gives you the much-needed peace of mind to make other sound decisions that will improve the overall performance of your business.

Why Choose Us for Your Home Health Workers Compensation

Brookhurst Insurance offers you the best coverage when it comes to home health care insurance. For several years how, we have been providing home care insurance need for lots of workers in various business agencies.

At Brookhurst Insurance, our aim is to save you’re a great deal of money, while we have your business covered for unplanned liabilities. Our insurance services are provided at the best rates applicable in the industry. With Brookhurst Insurance, your homecare workers compensation insurance needs are fully covered.

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