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The job of school bus drivers involves considerable liability and other unique exposures that are not necessarily encountered by commercial bus drivers. School buses make countless trips from various neighborhoods to the school each academic year, transporting students safely, economically, and efficiently.

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School Bus Insurance

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To reduce the risks, the federal government, through the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, sets many standards for school buses and drivers. Many states also have additional risk mitigation measures. The insurance coverage requirement measures for school buses are stricter than for other vehicles, and vary from state to state. So when looking to purchase insurance for school buses, it is best that you consult an insurance agent with experience in the school transportation sector.

Reasons to Work with an Insurance Agent

Brookhurst Insurance agents can help you navigate the increasingly complex and burdensome student transportation contracts that often require contractors to carry specialized and higher liability limits coverages, which are often hard to obtain.

Moreover, there’s increasing rivalry from national players looking to expand their school bus transport business nationally. Higher insurance costs could prevent you from being competitive, making you unlikely to win a contract.

As challenges and safety priorities arise, it is of paramount importance that business owners find a trusted partner to help them navigate the changing transportation industry. We can help you get adequate cover for school buses to protect against any damage and/or loss due to accidents, fire, theft, or malicious damage, as well as third party bodily injury and/or property damage.

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By specializing in the transportation industry, Brookhurst insurance agents are equipped with specialized knowledge, experience, expertise, and extensive networks that are needed to advise you on risk management programs, provide safety and training aids, and guide you on getting appropriate insurance coverages cost-effectively.

We work with both large and small fleets, and can help you find comprehensive insurance solutions that fit your business and budget. Contact us today to get started.