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Every driver knows the importance of having good car insurance coverage. But considering that ridesharing is a fairly new concept to insurers, drivers need to be mindful of the insurance limits and risks in their state.

At Brookhurst, we understand that there are still many states where insurers are yet to introduce an exclusive rideshare insurance solution. And while you may continue to operate under the limited cover offered by Uber or Lyft, your current insurer may refuse to provide the extra cover because you’re a rideshare driver.

Our agents have an extensive network across the country to help rideshare drivers, who don’t have access to rideshare insurance in their state, find favorable commercial insurance cover to run their rideshare business with ease of mind.

Importance of Commercial Rideshare Insurance

Lyft and Uber insurance cover for their drivers only functions when they have a client. It starts from the moment they take on a ride request and are on their way to pick up the passenger, up to the time they drop off that client at the requested destination.

During any other time - when waiting for requests - Uber does not provide any insurance cover, while Lyft provides minimal coverage. You need another insurance provider to protect you from risks during this period, when you’re not attending to Uber/Lyft clients. Ideally, your personal insurer would cover you, but they often claim that “for hire” vehicles violate their terms and conditions.

Rideshare insurance bridges this gap by covering drivers at all times, regardless of whether they’re waiting to accept a client request or they’re attending to a passenger. In states that don’t have rideshare insurance, commercial insurance cover is just as effective, though the premiums are considerably higher.

In some cases, your commercial insurance policy may cover during the same periods as Uber and Lyft - when attending to a rideshare client. This could allow you to forego Uber’s collision deductible of $1,000, or Lyft’s collision deductible of $2,500.

Favorable Rates for Commercial Rideshare Insurance

The biggest challenge for obtaining commercial insurance for your rideshare business is the high premiums. Commercial insurance is designed to cover vehicles used for business purposes, including company vehicles used by salesmen, delivery vans and other tracks, and for-hire service vehicles such as limousines and taxis.

Uber and Lyft drivers are considered as “for hire” services, and are often required to pay the high insurance premiums associated with commercial insurance cover. That said, not all commercial auto insurance policies cover rideshare drivers.

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Commercial Rideshare Insurance

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Why Work with Brookhurst?

First, keep in mind that you don’t need commercial insurance to drive for either Lyft or Uber, as they both offer insurance cover you. However, this cover is limited, and you don’t want to leave yourself exposed to that kind of manageable risk.

Our Brookhurst agents can help to ensure that you sign up for a commercial insurance plan that covers rideshare drivers. What many people don’t realize is that commercial insurance policies are uniquely designed on a case-by-case basis, meaning that your rate depends on your specific needs and requirements.

With our large network and wealth of experience in obtaining insurance cover for the transport industry, we can help you get the best rates for commercial rideshare insurance in your state.

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