Brookhurst Insurance provides workers compensation insurance to all types of businesses across the United States. We are located in Woodland Hills, California and are available to serve all of your business’s general liability needs.

Commercial auto insurance is designed to cover your business vehicles from collision, and pay for any bodily injuries and property damage sustained to the other party in the event of an accident. It can also pay for the repair of your vehicle when it’s damaged by vandalism, theft, or weather events.

At Brookhurst, we can help all businesses, including pallet companies, obtain the commercial auto insurance cover they need to protect their employees and business assets, and avoid costly personal injury claims.

Why Choose Brookhurst for Your Pallet Business Commercial Insurance Needs?

Brookhurst agents have the advantage of marketing our range of coverage to many different businesses within the transportation sector, from delivery vans to for-hire services to lumber trucks and specialized vehicles.

The lumber industry is generally considered to be a hazardous one, which may cause some agents to shy away from marketing a competitively priced insurance policy line to wood-products businesses.

Some of the risks of the logging and wood products industry include:

  • Heavy and bulky material transport - Logs are both bulky and extremely heavy, which would make any collision that much more devastating. Although the federal weight limit for log hauling is 80,000 pounds on federal highways, many states are not as strict when using state highways, which could increase the risk of accidents.
  • High risk of truck tipping - While finished wood products, like pallets are fairly easy to transport, log haulers face the challenge of proper weight distribution during transport. Things like a cable coming loose on one side, a flat tire, bumpy and uneven country roads, or applying emergency brakes may cause the logs to come loose and fall over, or cause the truck to tip. This significantly increases the risk of injury to the driver and other road users.
  • Costly accidents - Any collisions involving trucks usually lead to catastrophic injuries and even death. This is because of the massive weight and momentum of a speeding truck. Getting the right commercial auto insurance cover is important to protect your business from expensive personal injury claims.

All of these factors play a big part in pushing up the prices of lumber and wood products businesses. But operating without commercial auto insurance is an even bigger risk.

Brookhurst has built a reputation in delivering competitive commercial auto insurance products for the transportation needs of various industries, including lumber, pallets, and other wood products. The key is to design custom policies that fit the specific needs of your business - cover for individual trucks, personal staff vehicles, or a fleet.

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Does Your Pallet Company Really Need Commercial Auto Insurance?

Skipping this coverage can result in massive costs to your business. Even if you and your drivers are highly skilled, experienced, and generally safe, you should keep in mind that you’re not the only road users. You share the roadways with many other drivers, some of whom may not be as attentive to the condition of their vehicles or their driving skills.

That is why you should always protect your pallet business with commercial auto insurance. Contact our Brookhurst insurance agents today to help you get the right transportation insurance for your unique needs.

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