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If you run a limousine and chauffeur service, getting the right insurance cover can be a bit of a challenge. Brookhurst Insurance brokers realize that limo and other livery businesses businesses keep us moving, and endeavor to help you get the right workers’ compensation coverage for the type and size of your business in your state.

Custom Workers’ Compensation for Limo Drivers

Your services typically involve the use of limousines, black cars, executive transport vehicles, or other chauffeured vehicles for transporting executives or VIP clients during special events such as weddings. While your drivers work hard to ensure that your clients arrive to their destinations safe and on time, you should ensure that their income and wellbeing is protected by getting the right workers’ compensation insurance cover.

However, this process can prove to be a bit tricky. First, regular auto insurance won’t cover your drivers because they’re using your vehicles for commercial purposes, and commercial insurance may be too expensive for your size of operations. Secondly, your limo drivers are exposed to unique risks compared to other employees, so your workers’ compensation insurance also needs to be tailored for your operations.

Moreover, most of these insurance packages are usually purchased via brokers. In fact, some insurers don’t offer limo insurance except via a broker. Luckily for you, Brookhurst Insurance Agency has a large network of professional and diligent insurance brokers across the country, who will help you get the type of limo insurance you’re looking for at the best rates in your state.

Most employers know that workers’ compensation is a state-mandated coverage. It also protects your business by providing compensation in the event that your employees are injured on the job.

Benefits of Workers’ Compensation for Limo Drivers

Although requirements vary from state to state, most demand that limo operations get workers’ compensation insurance if you have employees, even if they’re subcontract drivers. Keep in mind that the law requires that all employees get workers’ compensation benefits regardless of whether or not your business carries the coverage.

Although it may be expensive, workers’ compensation insurance is the only way that your employees can find a remedy following a work-related injury. If you have it, they can’t sue you for damages. But if your operation does not carry workers’ comp. coverage, your employees may be compelled to sue you in order to obtain the compensation they’re entitled to.

If a chauffeur suffers an injury while driving on business, workers’ compensation insurance can be expected to pay for the resulting hospital bills, disability, and lost wages.

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Insurance for Limo Drivers

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Get the Best Workers’ Compensation Policy for Your Limo Operations

Several factors will influence the cost of your workers’ comp. insurance policy, but the quality of your drivers is arguably the biggest factor. Their driving history will affect your operations insurability and rates. So if you hire poor, inexperienced drivers, your rates will likely be higher by 25 to 50%. Similarly, if one of your drivers is found to be at-fault in a collision, your livery insurance will protect your business and pay the claim, but your business will not have claims’ settlement in its history, which will affect the pricing in future.

Getting the right workers’ compensation coverage is important to ensure that your business is protected, and that your drivers get the benefits they’re entitled to.

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