Cargo insurance is a necessity when in the business of transporting cargo, whether in trucking, logistics, or courier line of work. With this insurance, you not only protect the goods during transit, but also give your clients peace of mind that their important items will be compensated in the event they’re stolen or damaged.

Whether you’re transporting goods by ship, air, road, or rail, Brookhurst Insurance Brokers can help you find the right cover for your type of business, which may include both carrier liability and cargo insurance.

Carrier liability or cargo insurance?

As a carrier, you’re legally required to have carrier liability, which is the minimum amount of insurance in this line of work. But carrier liability provides very limited coverage, which typically doesn’t include cargo damage from auto accidents, natural disasters, or acts of war. This leaves you exposed to costly claims should anything happen to the cargo while in transit. With cargo insurance, each and every item is protected from theft, loss, or damage while in transit, regardless of the cause or liable party.

Adequate protection for your shipments

Our insurance brokers have a wealth of experience matching businesses serving the on-demand transportation economy with the right cargo and transportation-related liability coverage. By specializing in the transportation sector, we have helped many clients nationwide succeed and avoid expensive claißms with quality insurance programs.

Brookhurst insurance brokers help you find the right cargo insurance to address your unique needs within your budget. Some of the cargo insurance coverages we can help you find include:

  • Trade credit insurance
  • Cargo legal liability
  • Warehouse bailee
  • Warehouse legal liability
  • Errors & omissions
  • Bond indemnity

The norms of your industry, the types of cargo you transport, and the expectations of your clients are different than the standard transportation operations used by insurance companies to design their policy forms. More often than not, “off-the-shelf” cargo policies contain deficiencies that make the cover inadequate.

Brookhurst insurance brokers can help you find the best cargo insurance that provides optimal protection for your cargo and business. Contact us today to discuss your individual cargo insurance needs.

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