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Freight forwarders are responsible for the safety of shipments throughout transit, from origin to destination. Though all freight forwarders can issue the bills of lading, their insurance requirements are somewhat different. For instance, only those who deal with household goods (HHG) are obligated to carry cargo insurance. Yet, the cover is equally useful to all freight forwarders depending on the type of cargo you’re handling.

Brookhurst Insurance Services revolve around the transportation sector. Our brokers have national access to different insurance providers in every state, and can help freight forwarders find the ideal insurance products to protect their business and the property of their clients, at the best price.

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Freight Forwarder Insurance Coverage

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Insurance for Freight Forwarders

Freight forwarders are tasked with arranging for the safe and efficient movement of cargo on behalf of importers, exporters, and other entities - individuals or businesses - using the most appropriate means of transport.

The kind of insurance you need may vary depending on whether you handle rail freight, airlines, shipping lines, or haulers, as well as any trading conditions that apply to you for regional transport or international conventions for cross-border shipping.

But in most cases, you need insurance for:

  • Errors and omissions
  • Warehouse legal liability
  • Cargo legal liability
  • Shipper’s interest cargo insurance
  • General liability
  • Ocean Transportation Intermediary (OTI) Bond

The limits of liability pertaining to your trading conditions could imply that a claim made by your clients for the damage, theft, or other loss of their items is not fully met, causing them to incur a loss unless they carry their own cargo insurance. As such, it is important to inform your clients about your trading conditions before signing any shipping contract, to avoid disputes that ruin your reputation or exposure to massive liabilities that exceed the cover within your policy.

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Freight Forwarders Insurance Brokers

We realize that freight forwarders - domestic and international - are tasked with numerous responsibilities in the supply chain process. Considering your busy schedule, our Brookhurst Insurance brokers can help to ensure that your operations are in full compliance and appropriately protected.

Brookhurst Insurance supports freight forwarders by providing personalized consulting services and helping you find the right insurance products for your unique situation. Please contact Brookhurst insurance agents online or call 818.465.7860 to discuss your specific needs for freight forwarders insurance.