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The use of business owned vehicles for delivery is usually provided for under standard motor insurance schemes for taxis and couriers. However, this provision does not include food delivery, perhaps because of the greater risk, as drivers/motorcyclists rush through traffic to make fast deliveries to avoid bad reviews.

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Food Delivery Insurance

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Owing to the higher risks such as injuries, theft, and accidents, most insurance providers impose very high charges for fast food delivery insurance. This in turn forces many drivers to take the wrong insurance, which means that they are driving illegally and at risk of losing their vehicles in the event of an accident or their jobs.

We realize that food delivery drivers need fair insurance protection. Brookhurst Insurance specializes in connecting businesses in the transportation sector with the right insurance products to protect their businesses, work force, and assets, cost effectively. Our brokers have a large network of insurers across the country, and can help you find just the right coverage option for your food delivery business so you’re adequately protected and able to work with peace of mind.

Fast Food Delivery Insurance Cost More Than Personal Car Insurance

Food delivery companies typically employ owner drivers to make the deliveries, assuming that the driver will make their own insurance arrangements by extending their current personal auto insurance. However, insurance providers typically don’t extend standard auto insurance policies.

Simply requesting an upgrade to business use is not enough. The driver needs to specifically indicate the nature of the business as food delivery. The insurer, on the other hand, needs to agree to provide the appropriate hire & reward cover for the delivery business. Unless such a candid agreement exists, the driver won’t be properly insured to carry out food delivery.

Generally, for an insurer to provide insurance for food delivery, you will be required to pay a lot more than for other deliveries. In addition to spending a lot of time on the road, you will likely be speeding to make the “hot-meal” deliveries on time, which is important for customer retention and positive rating. This significantly increases the likelihood of accidents, including collisions and slip and falls, making the nature of the business extremely risky for insurers.

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Get Food Delivery Insurance via Brookhurst Insurance Brokers

Although you can get away with not having the right insurance, the insurer can refuse your claim in the event of an accident or incident that forces you to make a claim, leaving you liable for the damages. Brookhurst Insurance brokers have access to a large network of insurance providers, and can help you get the protection you need within your budget.

From auto insurance to workers’ compensation, we can help you get the necessary insurance cover for your food delivery business. Please contact Brookhurst insurance agents online or call 818.465.7860 to discuss your specific needs for your food delivery business.