Understanding the details of proper commercial trucking insurance coverage is an essential part of protecting your business and employees. To help you navigate your commercial trucking insurance coverage, we compiled our most popular questions.

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Q: What’s the difference between primary liability and non-trucking liability?

A: Owners and operators who leased onto a motor carrier need non-trucking liability insurance. When dispatched by the motor carrier, their primary liability trucking insurance will cover the owner or operator. However, those who own a trucking company with customers or if operators have their own authority will need primary liability trucking insurance.

Q: I am new to the commercial trucking industry; what type of trucking insurance coverage do I need?

A: Every circumstance is different, so it is vital that you work with an experienced agent in providing commercial trucking insurance. Call the experts at Brookhurst Insurance today for a comprehensive quote at 818.465.7860.

Q: What states do you provide commercial trucking insurance?

A: Brookhurst Insurance provides trucking insurance throughout California and across the United States.

Q: How do I know which commercial trucking insurance option is right for me?

A: Our experienced agents can help you determine the best trucking insurance for your needs by calling 818.465.7860.

Q: What is the cost of commercial trucking insurance?

A: The cost of insurance for your commercial truck will vary depending on numerous factors but if you would like the specialists at Brookhurst Insurance to provide you with a quote on commercial trucking insurance coverage, call us at 818.465.7860 or request a quote online.

For more answers to all your commercial trucking questions, contact the experts at Brookhurst Insurance in Encino, CA at 818.465.7860.