How Amazon Flex Insurance Works for Delivery Drivers

Compared to other package delivery businesses, Amazon Flex offers one of the most robust insurance policies available for drivers. The Amazon Flex auto policy applies when picking up packages, delivering them, or returning undelivered packages to a designated location. It applies to drivers in most states, except New York.

In the unfortunate event that you’re involved in auto accident when making deliveries with Amazon Flex, you will be expected to present some information from your Amazon Flex insurance policy when making a claim or providing details at the scene of the collision. You shouldn’t, however, provide information about your Amazon policy if involved in an accident when you’re not making deliveries, or even when asked to provide proof of insurance during a traffic police stop.

Is additional cover necessary?

If you’re looking to start making package deliveries via Amazon Flex, you should get additional cover to complement that offered by the Amazon Flex policy. You require:

  • Personal Insurance – This is a legal requirement for every motor vehicle owner. Please consult our Brookhurst insurance agents to ensure that your delivery work and participation in Amazon’s Flex insurance program does not invalidate it
  • Mechanical Failure Protection – Amazon’s policy doesn’t cover your vehicle in the event of mechanical failure, so you should make sure that it’s well maintained, or get a policy that includes roadside assistance
  • Medical Cover – Amazon Flex drivers operate as independent contractors, rather than direct Amazon employees. This means that they’re not entitled to any employee benefits under workers compensation, including medical care fees. If you sustain any injuries when making deliveries, your personal medical insurance should cover that. Alternatively, you could claim medical coverage from the at-fault party’s insurance company, such as homeowners insurance – for dog bites, slips and falls, and other incidents that occur on the recipient’s property while making a delivery.

Amazon Flex requires that all drivers have personal auto coverage for their policy to come into effect. However, the other types of insurance cover can give you peace of mind and reduce the financial burden in the event of an accident or incident that is not covered under the Amazon Flex policy.

Our Brookhurst insurance brokers will help to ensure that you’re sufficiently protected when making Amazon deliveries in California.

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